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IT Equipment rental company
IT Equipment rental company

At RAC, our journey has been defined by sustained growth, a clear mission, a focused vision, and the relentless dedication of our founder and team, all working together to provide exceptional customer satisfaction.

Our Journey Through
Innovation and Excellence

With over 28 years of innovation, RAC has transformed into RAC IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and RAC Infra Rental LLP, focusing on IT Equipment Rentals. Founded by Mr. Vipul J Pandya, we’ve built a stellar reputation for competitive rentals and top-notch service across prime Indian locations. Our dedicated team of 200+ professionals ensures excellence, earning us the SME 1 (Highest) Credit Rating by CRISIL and recognition as a Medium enterprise under the MSMED Act 2006.

Our Journey Towards Excellence

Pioneering IT Equipment Rentals in India

Empowering Business Growth: For over 28 years, RAC has evolved from Mega Matrix to Rent-A-Computer, and now as RAC IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., under the visionary leadership of Mr. Vipul J Pandya.

Committed Excellence: We are committed to delivering suitable IT Equipment at competitive rentals, with multiple branches across India and a stellar reputation.

Accredited Leadership: RAC IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. holds the prestigious SME 1 (Highest) Credit Rating by CRISIL, recognized as a Medium enterprise under the MSMED Act 2006.

Experience Excellence: With over 200 professionals and 55 hardware engineers across seven branches, we redefine excellence in IT Equipment Rentals.

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Our Collective Journey:


Join us as we traverse the path of innovation and growth together. At RAC IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., our journey is marked by shared experiences, collective achievements, and unwavering determination. Let’s explore the milestones, challenges, and triumphs that define our collective journey toward success.


Proud of Our Heritage

For over 28 years, the Pandya family has been integral to RAC IT Solutions, driving its growth and ethos of excellence. This familial bond extends to our team and clients, fostering lasting relationships and a sense of belonging. With the Pandya family’s leadership, RAC has become a reputable and customer-centric IT rental company, offering more than just equipment but a family-driven approach to business. Join us and experience the warmth and support of the RAC family, where your success is our success.

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