5 problems faced by every it manager & a single solution for them all

Almost all the employees in any company (except IT firms of course) look at the IT department as the easy going and less loaded department of them all. They are perceived to be those employees who have created the initial set up and now just sit and enjoy the view of their desktops waiting for some IT complain calls all day. But think about it, who makes sure that your system runs seamlessly avoiding delay in your work, who adds technology to your systems and helps your work faster, who cleans your system and maintains it week after week, and who ensures you stay ahead of time digitally with latest upgrades. You may not see them working because they are the back force who make sure your work gets seen.

Here’s the fact being from IT Team is not easy and the maximum pressure comes on the- IT Manager. All the employees are dependent on their systems for work and the entire systems depend on the IT Manager. It’s a very huge responsibility to think of.

Let’s discuss some of the many core issues faced by IT Managers and their teams at large on day to day basis which will earn a new respect for them in your minds.

1) Consumerisation- The marketing team wants latest design softwares and the accounts team wants an upgrade in tally. Every team in the office is dependent on the IT Manager to meet their needs, and these needs are always different from each other. Consumerisation of IT has increased even more recently since people have got more involved and dependent on computers for their daily tasks. Forget the softwares, you will notice varied wants in terms of the hardware equipments too. Computer configurations, storage capacity, screen size, printer type, and so much more is needed to be taken care of as per every employees need. Aren’t we all guilty of harassing the IT guy for a special need every few days?

2) Cost crisis- Just like all other departments, IT team has certain budget constraints too. And in most cases the budgets aren’t  sufficient to handle the growing IT needs. Also the depreciation of assets, obsolescence of equipments, tax structures etc just add unnecessary worries on the IT Manager and his team. It can be a challenge to provide the best services and yet not let it affect the company’s pockets.

3) Supporting new age mobile requirements- There was a time when work was done on paper, then came the computer, then the laptop and now the latest trend is to use mobiles and tablets for various functions like real time billing and sales registrations. It can be a huge challenge to meet the everyday changing business management scenarios.

4) Dealing with the digital loiterers- Every office has those digital risk takers who enjoy clicking on every possible link they come across. They are known to spam the systems, invite virus in your setup and crash the softwares. And well there is nothing much you can do about this situation except a few warnings. But how to deal with the damage done is what gives the IT Manager a headache each time.

5) Staying up to date- Technology is moving faster than the clock and for maximum professional benefits it is ideal to stay updated with the latest tech. However with the permanent IT setups this tends to become extremely time and money consuming. Also to buy the new technology each time can be extremely unviable.

Solution: If the IT Manager makes a wise decision to rent the entire setup from reliable vendors like RAC IT Solutions most of the above issues can be taken care of. It will take just a phone call and a nominal amount to get hardware replaced, softwares upgraded and access latest technologies. So IT Manager is relaxed and employees are happy; win-win! Renting your IT setup also helps handle the cost challenges by avoiding depreciation of assets, no obsolescence of equipments, budget friendly expenses and also several tax benefits. Another advantage of renting is that you will be regularly updated about the advance trends and sourcing of these trends becomes extremely easy. Since you will rent the setup from RAC IT Solutions, you need not worry about if the trend will work for you or not- after all your setup is rented and can be given back. Renting is a single solution to fade off your IT worries and be the smart IT Manager who will be affectionately looked upon as the digital superhero.

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