5 types of it equipment that you should rent for your company

Be smart at the finances spent on IT assets for your company, try renting most of the equipment

IT equipment are one of the heaviest yet uncompromising investments that a company has to make for smooth functioning. However, it won’t be wrong to say that these are dead investments which just block your money. But you can be smart at tackling these expenses and turn them to be profitable for you. The best way to do this is by considering renting of IT equipment.

Yes! You can rent complete IT setup. Check out www.racwg.com for details. Renting helps you in several ways by bringing down your investment cost, making it tax effective and enabling easy change or upgrade of the devices. It’s a complete win-win situation and hence increasingly adopted by various small and big players across the industries.

Here are top 5 IT equipment you should consider renting for your company setup;

  • Servers –

Servers are one of the most important aspects of any IT setup. A good IT manager understands the need of having an internal server and also knows that every business type calls for a different set of server needs. However servers are expensive and need high maintenance and hence most companies opt out the option of getting it in-house. But with renting, you have the ease of not investing a big amount, you can add the maintenance in the rental contract and you can always upgrade just by a simple phone call to your vendor.


  • Storage Devices –

Companies run on big data, and big data needs big storage. Your storage needs will vary as per your company size and type. And as your business grows there will be a need to upgrade your systems to handle the increasing storage load. Thus for such a dynamic setup, renting makes more sense.


  • Apple products –

We all know how often apple products keep upgrading and getting the latest version helps in staying ahead with time. Especially if your company deals in services like video editing or creative designing where getting a Mac is a necessity rather than a luxury, it is advisable to go for renting. It saves a lot of cost and you can always switch to the latest version of the device.


  • Laptops & Desktops –

Not a Mac user? No issue, but in this digital age there are very few who do not need a laptop or a desktop to get functioning.  Why invest in these assets which will only bring depreciation to your business. And again the issue with upgrades and changing configurations always makes things more complicated. Your employee needs will keep increasing; renting will help you tackle the situation without making a hole in your pocket.


  • Audio- Video conferencing tools –

Whether you are an event agency who holds conferences and seminars regularly or a company that holds a conference just once in a year where the audio-video setup is used, renting the setup is undoubtedly the best option. In this case your maintenance cost becomes considerably low, you can decide which setup you require as per your convenience and in case you need it in a different city where you do not have an office, you only need to pay the actual additional logistic costs.


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