Choose the right server for your business

Servers are an integral part of your IT system. It is important to get the right server to suit your business type.

Servers are one of the most important aspects of any IT setup. A good IT manager understands the need of having an internal server and also knows that every business type calls for a different set of server needs. There are several types of servers provided by various brands. It is crucial that one considers various factors like the business size, employee strength, business type and everyday IT needs of the company before investing in a server.

One of the most common mistakes made especially by smaller companies is to confuse servers with computers. No matter how upgraded a computer is, it can never match the special technicalities integrated into servers.

Servers can be used for various purposes. For any company with over 5 employees, it is highly recommended to setup an internal server. It helps in storing large data and keeping it secured, collaborating the company data between all the employees for easy access, it also helps to execute various daily needs like emails, integrating printers, internal communication systems, and a lot more.

Servers on rent

There are different server needs for every business, but they can be broadly classified into 3 categories,

Servers for SME-
Your business is in the growing stage and so are your IT requirements. Your server needs would be mainly to help manage data, emails, printers and internal communications. Some of you might be skeptical about having a server, but if you have goal to widen your business, setting up a server is a must. For business which are just starting up and have handful of employees, you can consider renting a cloud space till you get enough investment for your own setup. Consider entry level servers provided by brands like Dell or Lenovo.

Servers for corporate giants-
There is no second thought about your need to have an internal server. With the thousands of employees’ working day in and day out, your communication and data storing needs tend to be extensive. Compromising on an efficient server can have a rough impact on the smooth everyday functioning of your business. Specially if you are an IT firm or have multiple websites that are handled internally, you need extra server support to handle the complex functioning. You cannot compromise with anything less than high-end servers with great CPU speed, large RAM and large storage capacity. An advanced server should be ideal for your medium-traffic website needs and robust web applications, or for saving files and photos. Dell or HP servers can be considered for the same.

Servers for start-ups-
You have just entered the industry, but your dreams are soaring sky high. Especially if you are an online based business like an ecommerce, your entire business needs a strong server support for seamless execution. Modern day start-up’s are data-driven and involve multiple analytics and research. Your server needs to be able to handle all the challenges your business brings along. So if you are into an offline business with minimal website and data needs, go for an entry level server, but if you are dealing with an ecommerce website, consider an advanced level server which can be customized to suit your dynamic needs. The server should be able to handle your virtualization solutions, database servers / clusters, and big data processing needs. It should be flexible enough to allow you to increase drive capacity, memory, and CPU cores, or connect to storage area network (SAN) and Local area network (LAN).

Consider Renting:

Whether you are an SME, Corporate or a start-up, the glitch is limited budgets. If your needs are exceeding your budget or if you wish to make smart investments for your IT assets, you should certainly consider renting your IT equipment including the ‘Server’. This is a common trend in developed countries and has started to become a common sight in the Indian business & industry too. Renting is cost-friendly, easy to setup, convenient to change or upgrade. Additionally, if you work with vendors like RAC IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd, you can also avail flexible durations and cost schemes. Check out more about renting servers at

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