IT rule book for a successful SME setup

Firstly kudos to you SME guys. You are one of those few who have taken up the challenge to start something on your own. This requires a lot of courage and of course some effective tips can always help you deal with the challenges of this dynamic sector more efficiently. Our expertise being IT, here we are giving you some very useful solutions to some of your everyday IT related troubles.

Less capital…large plans-

We understand your capital constraints. Either you are just starting up or trying to expand a setup. Capital for an SME is usually limited and it is not ideal to spend it all on your infrastructure and IT setup. Rather invest wisely by renting your entire equipment. This not just fits well into your budget but also helps you plan your requirements in a much more organized way. So you do not spend all your essential capital resource all at once, instead you raise a requirement to the renting vendor as and when the need arises. Calculate the amount of money you will prevent from going out at once.

Employees in… employees out

An SME will always have humongous competition from its similar industries and also the big players. One big challenge is to hold onto your manpower who is constantly being lured by the competition businesses. It is a common trend in SME’s that employees do not stick around for long tenures. They tend to work for a short period and move at the first better opportunity. So when your employee moves out or your team grows how do you handle the IT for these situations. Do you have space to keep extra computers? Do you have the budget to buy every employee a laptop? If there is a vacancy for a longer period of time and later the new employees ask for a better system with latest configuration, do you let the old system go in scrap? Well! These are just some of the many problems that are faced by the SME in terms of employee changes. A simple solution to this is to partner with agencies like RAC IT Soutions, who provide you complete system on demand. You can rent, lease or even buy from them at most reasonable prices. So if your needs are reducing, your send back some of the rented systems and if it is increasing you just increase your order.

Need weapons to take down the big ones-

You may not be planning to takeover a big player in the market, but several times they become your direct competition and you have to run the fight for survival. To be able to match up to the working and capacity of the big guys it is important that you are well prepared with resources and technology. Technology especially plays an important role in assisting you with timely work deliveries and efficient business handling. Business softwares, customer handling mechanisms, etc help you achieve your targets more efficiently. It is advisable to use CRM softwares like ACT! to maintain your customer and sales database. These softwares also provide meeting reminders and basic sales analysis. You can also use them for email marketing. For advanced sales reporting and analysis you can look up at softwares like qlikview which will help you track your sales on daily or any given period of time basis and also customer centric data can be generated. Additionally, it will also help you understand the current run rate of your sales to analyze how close you are to meeting your desired targets.


Being an SME in this fast pacing economy is not easy, but with smart planning and use of resources plenty of issues can be resolved. Leave your IT worries to external agencies like RAC IT Solutions without affecting your pockets and put all your focus on getting big and better.


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