IT tips for start-ups

Start-ups seem to be revolutionizing the business world of today. But are you using technology enough to pump up your growth?

Managing a start-up is an exciting yet challenging job. You have big dreams to conquer in the tightest of budgets. And to meet your goals, you need the latest IT resources that can help you make things happen. IT setup is one of the major expenses that startups have to bear…or is it? Well, here’s where smart IT Managers are a cut above the others.
Jotted below are some smart ways to make your IT resources your assets and not your liabilities in a start-up setup.
Save your money, just rent your IT setup
You are the comparatively modern lot, and you need to think innovative to survive in this competitive market. Why follow the same old ways to acquire your office essentials? Learn from the global start-up smarties and just rent as many resources as you can instead of buying them. This specially applies to the IT setup which accounts for your big chunk of budget. Renting is cheaper, quick, easy to return or replace, easy to upgrade and the best part is, it is so much less stressful. All you got to do is find a trustworthy vendor like RAC IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. or its new group company  RAC Infra Rental LLP and give them a call, your work ends there. Sit back and enjoy the service!
Don’t let taxes cut down your dreams
While taxes are the nightmare for every business, a start-up can be hugely impacted since the business is just setting in and the paperwork and expenses don’t seem to finish. Be cost-smart! Save where you can. If you follow Tip-1, your IT resources are not your assets (in terms of the paperwork). They won’t be accounted for depreciation and the rent will be seen as an extra cost for you. Now that’s what you call a win-win situation.
Walk with technology
Now that your costs and taxes are taken care of, it’s time to check the quality and efficiency of your resources. That’s certainly not a factor where you would want to compromise. Your systems need to be of latest version with best specifications. Your softwares should be licensed as you don’t want to end up paying penalty fees. Your server should be chosen wisely to meet your business needs and your storage space should be enough to keep all your documents safe. Especially, if your start-up is an e-commerce firm or has anything to do with the digital world, you have to learn to walk and in many cases even run with the ever changing technology.
Don’t get trapped with multiple vendors
No matter how vast your requirements are, it’s advisable to deal with a single vendor for them all. It’s very important that you find a reliable vendor and then leave everything up to him. A good vendor will handle the sourcing, installing and complete after-service for you without letting your business getting adversely affected. They will also advise you from time to time about what more can be added to make your system more efficient.
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Let technology handle customers and employees, you focus on profits
Today’s business asks for automation of services. Even when it comes to all your stakeholders like employees, customers, vendors and investors, you can use technology for everyday dealings. This helps save ample time and efforts which can be concentrated on growing your business. Having systematic HRIM, CRM, enterprise collaboration platforms, and other such services helps the business run seamlessly. Having a social intranet for your associates also helps build a better team which eventually does affect your profit charts favourably.
Be a smart Start-up, invest wisely in technology and let your success unfold.

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