Operating your business using the latest technology at minimal cost

Every businessperson wants his/ her company to grow rapidly. To achieve this corporate goal, the managements tends to pitch in new customers and new projects. However, with the lack of manpower or sometimes with outdated technology, the company tends to lag, and the projects get delayed. This adversely affects the planning of the other projects, more importantly it negatively impacts the reputation of the organisation in the market.

However, with the use of the latest technology the company may achieve the set targets and the timelines even earlier than planned. Use of latest technology is the key to success in today’s corporate world.

Technological Decision

Every time having the latest technology is not economical as new technology launches, it has a skimming price approach and at times, it could be too heavy on the pockets. But the key to have the latest technology and not spend much on such new technology, lockdown is to avail the IT resources over rent from RAC IT Solutions. It is a platform to provide you the latest computers, laptops, smartphones, apple devices, servers, printers, etc. at a very reasonable cost.

Availing the resources on rent makes you stress free as there is no risk of obsolescence. And to match the speed of light in running your business, you can replace your current rented IT resources with the IT resources with the latest technology. This replacement is quick and extremely hassle – free. All it takes to replace is a communication to the RAC IT Solutions and a payment of marginal sum on account of upgradation based on the mutual agreement.

Practical additional income

From a business perspective, renting model is the best model. Let us look at the practical additional income that you might earn by using the rented latest technology – based IT resources, by taking an example of a designing company. Let’s assume that the designing company takes approximately 25 manhours to complete an assignment. The company then comes to know about new laptops which better processing capabilities that helps to complete the assignment in 20 hours. It means you would save upon 20% of your time and 5 manhours could be utilised in a different project. This will help to tick off your task list and will ensure early completion of work. Also, at times, there are rewards linked to the completion of projects. If the assignments are completed before time, the company becomes eligible for to claim the reward and it benefits the company financially as well as it helps to build brand image in the market.

Having the rented IT resources, the transition to the new technology is quick and implementation is done in a matter of time. Since the technicians of RAC IT Solutions have expertise in technology domain, they ensure complete installation and smooth migration to the technology. With respect to the cost of such IT assets is just a reasonable sum of money that will be required to adopt new technologies.

Availability of services

Since the technology is new, it is usually preferred that there is always someone around to hold our hands, whenever we are about to fall. RAC IT Solution has a team of professionals who are available 24 hours to help you with the new technology. If the problem is serious, you may visit the service centre and get the new laptop replaced temporarily so that it does not hamper your regular business operations.

You may avail IT resources and IT services in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, New Delhi and Hyderabad, where the office of RAC IT Solutions is located. However, remote access is always available, irrespective of your location. Also delivering the required IT assets at places other than mentioned above can be serviced.

It is a business that is run by a technology, however in case of RAC IT Solutions, it is a technology that run by a business house.

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