Should you rent or buy office it equipment?

 So you always thought that for an office it is the basic necessity to buy office IT equipment? Well! It’s time to re-visit some facts. While buying may seem like the only option to acquire your office IT equipment like computers, printers, laptops, networking devices, storage devices etc, that really isn’t the case. Many international countries have companies that chose to rent their entire IT setup. A start-up to an MNC, many different categories of corporates find a better deal in renting all the office hardware and software. In India as well it is becoming a growing trend for companies to find more cost effective and convenient ways of handling their IT requirements. Companies like RAC IT Solutions have become extremely popular among IT Managers and Project Heads for their IT rental and lease services that help you focus on your work without worrying about how to get your equipment and manage its daily maintenance. RAC IT Solutions deal with various companies for providing their entire IT setup on rent. This saves companies from unnecessary expenses and all installation worries.

Still not convinced about renting? Here are some reasons why renting is a better option than buying.

  • Tailor made to your needs:

Whether you need a particular brand, a specific configuration or your timelines are unusual, renting can help you achieve all your goals with ease. All you need to do is find a reliable vendor like RAC IT Solutions who assures you that no matter how small or big your need be and however unusual your requirements maybe, they have resources to fulfill all your requests. Now think about it, would this be possible if you chose to buy your IT essentials. When you buy you have no option but to stick with whatever you have spent the money on. In case of renting you can chose for regular maintenance and up gradation to meet your growing requirements. Customization is always better, isn’t it?

  • Cost effective:

The most obvious means of saving cost via renting IT solutions is because it is cheaper than buying, avoids depreciation of owned assets, saves tax and helps keep your account books more sorted. Unlike other expenses such as salaries and utilities, rental payments are fixed and do not amplify over time. This allows more precise profit and cash flow planning. Renting option allows you to conserve your investments for your core business needs rather than using those in the infrastructure required to run it. Renting provides you with a supplementary source of funding, allowing you to preserve credit lines for other investment opportunities.

  • Effective use of resources:

Resources don’t just mean money here; it also involves time, efforts and manpower which is wasted behind the buying, installation and maintenance of static non-productive office elements like IT essentials. When you outsource this work to a vendor like RAC IT Solutions who are capable to handle all your needs, you can work tension free and focus all your resources in the right direction. Imagine all the time you and your subordinates will save!

  • Prevents obsolescence:

Obsolescence is the scenario wherein your resource is no longer of use to you even though it might be in a good condition. This maybe because your requirements have changed and the old resources are no more compatible to meet your needs. Renting option allows you to protect your equipment against obsolescence. Required up gradation could be quick and at reasonable additional costs.

  • Obtain off-balance sheet endowment:

For leases that qualify under approved accounting standards as operating leases, future rentals are not included in the balance sheet as a liability and the leased equipment is not included as an asset. This may increase your borrowing capacity and improve key financial ratios such as debt/equity and return on assets. It’s a win-win situation, think about it!

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

  Acquisition costs in opting for outright purchase get enlarged by costs of installation, deployment, de-commissioning and trouble-shooting, etc. Renting option thus works out cost-effective reducing the TCO. With the host of benefits of renting your IT Solutions, there are not many reasons why you would want to still buy your IT essentials the old school way. Just like our configurations and systems we need to upgrade with time and make best use of our options. To know more, visit us at

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