Who should get a MAC?

Biting into the apple trend is more than a matter of choice; for some it is a matter of necessity. Find out if you fit in the category of people who should certainly get a Mac.

Mac v/s your usual Window’s PC is a debate that just doesn’t seem to end. With millions of people having different personal opinions and requirements from their working systems, it is difficult to make any bold statement on which one is better. But then Mac does have certain exclusive features which enrich the quality of work and hence it gets brownie points over PC.

Especially in case of certain professions, a MAC proves to be much more resourceful. We listed 5 such professionals who should ignore the high costs and just buy a Mac. And in case they still have their doubts, there is always the option of renting. Yes! You heard it right, even Apple products including the ones with latest configurations and specifications can be rented at reasonable prices from RAC Group (comprising of flagship company RAC IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. & RAC Infra Rental LLP). To know more, checkout- www.racwg.com

As for understanding whether Mac fits your needs, check out the below list for yourself:

  • Film Editors:

Even though the other operating systems provide you with good quality softwares for video editing, Mac gives you the exposure to Final Cut Pro (FCP) which is one of the best and most professional softwares available. Top production houses and editors don’t compromise with anything except FCP for film editing.

  • Designers:

Graphic & Creative designers spend long hours on their systems to make artworks which become the most crucial and changing factor of the communications. Their high resolution files and huge storage demand requires a system which functions seamlessly without distracting them with irritating hang-ups. Mac systems are proficient and specialized to provide such services. Also the smooth functioning of Mac makes the working experience all the more fun, too.

  • Business Development Managers:

When business representatives come over to your office to pitch for their services, the first judging factor is their personality and attitude, followed by their mechanism of presentation and finally the content of their credentials. When we say mechanism of their presentation, we mean whether they are carrying a laptop or not, and if yes then which system is it. A vendor carrying a Mac is always perceived to be more professional and this automatically gets some brownie points even before they start talking.

  • Advertising professionals:

The reasons why ad professionals need Mac include all the factors covered in the first 3 points discussed above. Their work schedules know no day or night and their scope of work is often dynamic and thus needs a system which can handle their needs. Mac helps them handle the data, give them a professional personality and manage the variety of services they work on.

  • VP’s, Directors and their league

The top management of the companies need Mac majorly for 2 reasons. The first is that they have the fortune changing data of the company which needs to be safeguarded and kept hack-free which is another feature of the Mac range and the second is that they have earned their positions and deserve nothing but the best.

The above mentioned are just a representative list of the people who should use Mac. However, in general, the Mac has so many features that it has something in store for every individual who uses it.

And like we mentioned, if you are not sure if it’s worth buying, just rent it from the RAC Group companies.

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