Case Studies

For the internationally pioneer company in cola beverages operating in India, RAC, in the beginning of the 2014 monsoon season, met 50% of their requirement of 800 desktops by delivering the equipment to their offices located in 19 states across India within a period of 2 weeks. (For the balance 50% requirement, more than 10 vendors were tapped by the said client.)

One of the Japanese giants in electronics consumer durables, enjoying phenomenal brand recall in India, set up their software arm in India way back circa 2005. RAC IT has been their preferred vendor for getting for rent their entire requirement of desktops, laptops, servers, scanners, etc., starting from small quantity at their inception stage to huge quantity now as their scale of operations has multiplied manifold.

An MNC engaged in ITES including KPO assignments, cloud storage, application software, etc., has become one RAC’s major customers with whom huge quantity of desktops, laptops, servers, etc., has been placed by RAC for rent (OPEX model). The investment made by RAC for the same exceeds INR 50 million.

References shall be provided on request after taking prior permission from the respective client.


One of the MNCs operating in India is an international leader in logistics. Their fully automated monitoring & tracking establishment based in Bangalore carrying out critical operations on real-time basis was crippled due to accidental fire. Complete IT Infra set up of company was not in working condition anymore & even their package tracking system was on standby due to server going down. RAC Company within 6 hours set up the alternative establishment by delivering, installing and very well organized the entire set up with 250 Desktops and 3 Servers with just 15 Manpower and successfully at very short noticed period supported them by assisting with Desktops Servers, Network Devices, Printers etc.

BCM Drill

A BCM Drill is located at two location i.e. Thane (Mumbai) & Chennai where They want to test vendor capability who can cater and fulfill their need of a setting up of IT Infrastructure in minimum time with maximum Assets for their companies in scenarios like earthquake, Fire disaster any natural or unnatural disaster. Circumstances may arise where their IT Setup might no longer be in working condition and they wanted to keep themselves ready for such instances. RAC took up the challenges and with full workforce available and capacity provided a complete IT set up of 400 desktops and 100 laptops with TFT and other accessories with only 8 manpower in Thane and 6 Manpower in Chennai within 12 hrs. after they intimated us about the drill.


Every year there are government training entrance exams for SBI, Railway etc. organized all over India and it was year 2015, when it was supposed to be held at 30 different location across India. In a short notice period with deployment of 28 Resources on the project, RAC provided about 60 laptops with 2 laptops at each center, few network devices for connectivity establishment and 4 to 8 Camera's for record the full examination within 10 days to conduct these exams in a better secure way.


There was also an incident of fire breakout which took place at Navi Mumbai Mahape Data center. The complete building had caught fire and entire Data operations centre was at a standstill. To address the problem, RAC understands criticality of the customer in such scenarios & promised to help them get complete setup ready with the help only 6 manpower. They needed a IT setup with 21 Servers, 2 Firewall, 3 Network Switches for Mahapay IT setup before the stock exchange starts next at 9 at Mumbai CST Data Center in the building of stock exchange to reduce their criticality and get their operations online.


We are all aware of Tsunami in Chennai which was a big loss of life and property. All IT Assets setup of big companies like TCS, Capgemini etc. were destroyed. At that time RAC Company helped these companies by providing each and every type of IT Assets like 11 Servers, 55 Laptop, 5 Storage Devices, 20 Network Devices on time as per their requirement to handle these companies critical situation. One of the big company name Sunderland to whom RAC Provide 200 Desktop on a short notice to enable the least possible downtime to their critical operations.


Bajaj Fiserv, a part of Bajaj Holdings & Investments Limited, is an Indian financial services company focused on lending, asset management, wealth management and insurance. This big firm decide to get shift from Pune to Hyderabad as they needed to create a replica DP (Data recovery center) at other location where even complete data had to be migrated. Company was afraid and not certain about executing this operation due to its criticality and risk of losing out data. So, RAC being their business vendor partners couldn't reject their request and made sure that we came with the best solution getting their servers transported and data migrated. We suggested them to migrate their data in RAC's servers which had more storage space in comparison to Bajaj servers and having felt positive about our suggestion, we migrated all the data into RAC servers from their Servers. At the time of shifting servers of Bajaj Finance were shut & RAC servers were put up online by which their work would not hamper and have just minimal downtime of shifting between servers. Within a fort night RAC shifted Bajaj Finance servers to Hyderabad. When servers reached to Hyderabad RAC team made full IT set up for them and then migrate all data from RAC servers to Bajaj Finance servers. This is was another important and unique activity that RAC has performed and accomplished over the period of last 20 years in the industry.

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