Retrofit Services for Data Centers

Retrofit Services for
Data Centers

RAC IT Infrastructure offers comprehensive retrofit services designed to upgrade and enhance the efficiency, capacity, and security of existing data centers. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your facility, ensuring minimal downtime and maximizing performance.

Key Features
Aisle Containment Solutions

From simple mechanical locks to advanced Pin-Pad, Prox Card, and Biometric access control systems, we offer a variety of access options to meet your specific security requirements. Whether you need basic security or sophisticated biometric authentication, our solutions are designed to provide the right level of access control for your needs.
Power and Cooling Upgrades

Enhance your data center’s power distribution and cooling capabilities with our intelligent PDUs and modular cooling solutions. Whether you need in-rack cooling units or comprehensive environmental monitoring, we provide scalable upgrades to meet your growing needs.
Access Control and Security Enhancements

Upgrade your data center’s security with our advanced rack-based access control solutions. From biometric authentication to digital locking systems, we ensure that your critical infrastructure is protected against unauthorized access.
IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Implement real-time monitoring of your data center’s critical parameters, including power usage, environmental conditions, and security status. Our wireless monitoring solutions offer flexibility and scalability, allowing for easy deployment across your facility.
Customized Retrofit Solutions

Every data center has unique challenges. Our team works closely with you to develop a retrofit plan that addresses your specific requirements, from space optimization to compliance with industry standards.

Why Choose RAC IT Infrastructure for Data Center Retrofitting?
Minimal Disruption

Our retrofit services are designed to be implemented without significant downtime, ensuring your operations continue smoothly.

As your data center grows, our modular solutions easily adapt to your evolving needs, providing long-term value.
Energy Efficiency

Reduce your operational costs with upgrades focused on improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint.

Benefit from our extensive experience in data center solutions, with a track record of successful retrofit projects that enhance performance and reliability.
Guided Retrofit Solutions

Benefit from our expertise in seamless integration and tailored recommendations, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency for your data center upgrade.
Scalable Efficiency

Our solutions adapt as your data center grows, focusing on energy efficiency to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Transform Your Data Center

Retrofitting your data center with RAC IT Infrastructure means investing in the future of your IT operations.

Contact Us today to explore how our retrofit service scan enhance your data center’s efficiency, security, and scalability

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