Rack Based Access Control Solutions

Rack Based Access Control

RAC IT Infrastructure offers advanced Rack Based Access Control Solutions designed to enhance the security of your IT infrastructure. Our comprehensive access control solutions provide secure, customizable access to your racks, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive equipment and data.


Key Features

Flexible Access Options

From simple mechanical locks to advanced Pin-Pad, Prox Card, and Biometric access control systems, we offer a variety of access options to meet your specific security requirements. Whether you need basic security or sophisticated biometric authentication, our solutions are designed to provide the right level of access control for your needs.

IP Connectivity

Our access control solutions can be integrated with or without IP connectivity, allowing for real-time monitoring and management of access events. This feature enables administrators to remotely control access permissions and receive alerts for unauthorized access attempts.

Enhanced Security

In addition to controlling physical access, our solutions can be equipped with a range of security features including digital swing handle locks, integrated alarms, and surveillance cameras. These features are designed to provide a comprehensive security solution that protects your IT assets from both physical and digital threats.

Remote Management

With our standalone software and support for remote opening, administrators can manage rack access from anywhere, ensuring that access control policies are consistently enforced. This capability is essential for managing multiple data centers or remote locations.

Customization and Integration

Our access control systems are designed to be flexible and can be customized to fit the specific requirements of your IT environment. They can also be integrated with other security systems, providing a cohesive and secure infrastructure.

RAC IT Infrastructure Benefits

Improved Security

Easily expand or modify your power distribution setup as your data center grows or evolves.

Operational Efficiency

With remote management capabilities, streamline your security operations and respond quickly to security incidents.


Our access control solutions can grow with your business, ensuring that your security measures are always in line with your needs.


Ensure compliance with industry regulations by implementing robust access control measures to protect sensitive data.

Increased Accountability

By implementing Rack-Based Access Control Solutions, you can establish a clear record of access events, including who accessed specific racks and when. This increased accountability can help deter unauthorized access and improve overall security posture.

Enhanced Audit Trails

Our access control solutions provide detailed audit trails of access events, allowing you to track and analyze access patterns over time. These audit trails can be invaluable for compliance purposes and for identifying potential security vulnerabilities or suspicious activity.

Why Choose RAC IT Infrastructure?

Choosing RAC IT Infrastructure for your Rack Based Access Control Solutions means partnering with a leader in IT infrastructure security. Our solutions are designed with your security needs in mind, offering scalable, customizable, and integrated access control systems that protect your critical assets. Contact us today to learn how we can help secure your IT environment.

For more information on how our Rack Based Power Distribution solutions can transform your data center, Contact Us today.

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