Why Rent From RACMultiple benefits

Brand/Configuration/age (new/pre-used) of equipment as per your preference.
Adherence to committed schedules for delivery and support operations.
Assurance of minimum downtime by deploying equipment which are rigorously quality-tested prior to deployment, and supported by efficient and quick response for trouble-shooting, if any still becomes necessary. The skill-sets of our engineers get constantly upgraded by strong in-house R&D culture, complemented by substantial allocation of our resources in training.
Reasonable rental rates with payment plans drawn up to suit your projected cash-flows
Ability to provide, if required by the client, legal version of OS & Application Software like MS Office, etc., from Microsoft under SPLA as Microsoft’s Partners.
Market reputation earned over time on the strength of all of the above.
RAC’s belief that our growth and success is interlinked with our client's prosperity and towards that end, we provide the best in terms of services and products that will help both our clients & us to achieve our desired goals.
RAC’s team of highly trained industry professionals works together to achieve the potential of our Product and Services. Working in seamless integration with our clients, helps us build strong and lasting quality relationships with them. This way, we strengthen our partnerships based on mutual cooperation and understanding.
24x7 services for specific rental contracts.