DHL: Rapid IT Infrastructure Recovery for a Global Logistics Leader

March 20, 2024

Client: International Logistics MNC Operating in India

Situation: A leading multinational logistics company, known for its fully automated monitoring and tracking operations, faced a critical challenge at its Bangalore establishment. An accidental fire crippled their entire IT infrastructure, rendering their package tracking system and servers non-operational.

Challenge: The client’s Bangalore facility required an immediate and efficient restoration of its IT setup, including desktops, servers, and network devices, to resume its real-time monitoring and tracking operations.

Solution by RAC IT Solutions:

  • Rapid Response: Within just 6 hours of notification, RAC IT Solutions mobilized resources to address the emergency.
  • Resource Allocation: Deployed a skilled team of 15 personnel to the site.
  • Equipment Delivery and Setup: Delivered and installed a comprehensive set of IT equipment, including 250 desktops and 3 servers.
  • Additional Support: Provided necessary network devices and printers to ensure a seamless transition to the new setup.

Outcome: RAC IT Solutions successfully established an alternative IT infrastructure for the client on extremely short notice. The quick and organized response ensured minimal downtime for the client’s critical operations, demonstrating RAC IT Solutions’ capability to handle emergency situations efficiently and effectively.