Efficient IT Infrastructure Setup for BCM Drills in Thane and Chennai

March 20, 2024

Context: A Business Continuity Management (BCM) Drill was planned at two critical locations: Thane (Mumbai) and Chennai. The objective was to assess the vendor’s ability to rapidly establish a comprehensive IT infrastructure in response to emergencies such as earthquakes, fires, or other disasters.

Challenge: The drill required the setup of a robust IT infrastructure that could quickly replace existing systems in case they became non-operational due to unforeseen disasters. The goal was to test the vendor’s capability to respond promptly and effectively, ensuring minimal disruption in operations.

Solution by RAC IT Solutions:

  • Locations: Thane (Mumbai) and Chennai.
  • Rapid Deployment: RAC IT Solutions was tasked with setting up the IT infrastructure within a 12-hour window after receiving the drill notification.
  • Resource Management: Utilized a lean team efficiently, with 8 personnel in Thane and 6 in Chennai.
  • Infrastructure Setup: Successfully installed a complete IT setup at both locations, comprising:
    • 400 desktops
    • 100 laptops with TFT monitors
    • Necessary accessories and peripherals.

Outcome: The successful completion of the BCM Drill demonstrated RAC IT Solutions’ exceptional capability in rapid deployment and management of extensive IT infrastructure under stringent time constraints. The exercise showcased the company’s preparedness and reliability in emergency situations, reinforcing its position as a trusted IT solutions provider.