All India Delivery Of It Assets For Govt. Entrance Exam

March 20, 2024

Project Overview: In 2015, RAC IT Solutions undertook a critical project involving the delivery and setup of IT assets for government training entrance exams for institutions like SBI and the Railway, scheduled across 30 different locations in India.

Challenge: The primary challenge was the vast geographical scope and the need for a rapid deployment of IT assets to ensure the smooth conduct of these exams. The requirement included laptops, network devices, and surveillance cameras, all of which had to be operational within a short notice period.

Solution by RAC IT Solutions:

  • Scope of Work: Provisioning IT assets for 30 exam centers across India.
  • Resource Allocation: Deployed 28 resources to manage the project efficiently.
  • Equipment Delivery:
    • Provided approximately 60 laptops, ensuring 2 laptops at each center.
    • Supplied necessary network devices for establishing reliable connectivity.
    • Installed 4 to 8 cameras at each center to securely record the examination process.
  • Timeline: Accomplished the entire setup within a challenging timeframe of 10 days.

Outcome: The project was successfully executed, demonstrating RAC IT Solutions’ capability to handle large-scale, time-sensitive projects. The efficient delivery and setup of IT assets played a crucial role in the secure and smooth conduct of the government entrance exams nationwide. This achievement further solidified RAC’s reputation as a reliable provider of comprehensive IT solutions under demanding conditions.