Seamless Server Migration and Setup for Bajaj Fiserv

March 20, 2024

Client Overview: Bajaj Fiserv, part of Bajaj Holdings & Investments Limited, is a leading Indian financial services company specializing in lending, asset management, wealth management, and insurance.

Project Objective: The company planned to relocate from Pune to Hyderabad, necessitating the creation of a replica Data Recovery Center (DRC) at the new location. This involved a critical operation of migrating complete data to the new site, with concerns about the risk of data loss during the process.

Challenge: The criticality of the data migration and setup of a new DRC posed significant challenges, with the company apprehensive about potential data loss and operational downtime.

Solution by RAC IT Solutions:

  • Strategic Planning: RAC IT Solutions, as the business vendor partner, proposed a solution to mitigate risks associated with the migration.
  • Data Migration Approach: Suggested migrating data to RAC’s servers, which had more storage capacity compared to Bajaj’s existing servers.
  • Execution:
    • Initially transferred all data from Bajaj’s servers to RAC’s servers.
    • Ensured Bajaj Finance’s operations remained uninterrupted by keeping RAC’s servers online during the server transition.
    • Completed the relocation and setup of Bajaj Finance servers in Hyderabad within a fortnight.
  • Final Transition: Once in Hyderabad, RAC IT’s team set up the full IT infrastructure and migrated the data back from RAC’s servers to Bajaj Finance’s servers.

Outcome: The operation was executed flawlessly, ensuring minimal downtime and no data loss. This project underscored RAC IT Solutions’ expertise in handling complex IT transitions and critical data migrations, further solidifying their reputation as a trusted IT solutions provider in the industry for over 20 years.