IT Asset Restoration for Companies Affected by Chennai Tsunami

March 20, 2024

Event Overview: The devastating tsunami in Chennai resulted in significant loss of life and property, severely impacting several major companies, including TCS and Capgemini. These companies faced the complete destruction of their IT infrastructure, a critical component of their operations.

Challenge: In the wake of this natural disaster, there was an immediate need for the rapid restoration of IT assets to minimize downtime and resume critical operations.

Solution by RAC IT Solutions:

  • Emergency Response: RAC IT Solutions stepped in to assist the affected companies during this critical time.
  • Resource Allocation: Ensured timely provision of a wide range of IT assets tailored to the specific needs of each company.
  • Equipment Delivery: Supplied:
    • 11 Servers
    • 55 Laptops
    • 5 Storage Devices
    • 20 Network Devices
  • Special Mention: Provided 200 desktops to Sunderland, a significant client, on short notice to facilitate the quick resumption of their operations.

Outcome: RAC IT Solutions’ prompt and effective response played a crucial role in helping these companies recover from the disaster. By providing essential IT assets swiftly, RAC IT significantly reduced the operational downtime for these businesses, demonstrating their commitment to client support in times of crisis.